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This is a mod that will be released under the title of CubanAce Simulations. The following work was mostly led by Sirius (me) in terms of modeling improvements/"re-topology," animations, texturing and coding into the Digital Combat Simulator (DCS) World simulator game. The pictures show the progress that the mod went through, including milestones and improvements. This mod is still under development as of 1 March, 2019. (NOTICE: This mod is now under full fidelity support of CubanAce Simulations, and is no longer being maintained under a collaboration)

James walston 3dsmax jwdadgmrdo

Early stages of the mod, including point helpers, a collision shell and basic animations.

James walston 3dsmax pkwfsajqd2
James walston 3dsmax xqd4jah21o
James walston dpd3qroqej

Still in the early stages of work. This is showing the gear animation while in modelviewer2 (debugging software for DCS)

James walston d5koybd4nn

One of the core features of the mod was to introduce wing sweep that did not have to cheat or manipulate existing functions in DCS, being native with its own code.

James walston screen 190214 155130

Early tests of the mod in DCS, without any customized scripts for core features of the mod. This includes rudimentary working "multi-crew" in the form of cockpit camera views.

James walston screen 190214 154936
James walston screen 190214 155651
James walston screen 190216 190344

Early WIP work on the overwing vapor emissions. Also included working wing sweep.

James walston screen 190216 190924
James walston screen 190226 184053

Process of coloring out control surfaces of the aircraft to help distinguish for showing core features early on, and further debugging of systems code.

James walston screen 190227 184606
James walston screen 190217 110500

Testing weapons in a dogfight scenario against Hawks. (Don't ask for the backstory on why.)

James walston screen 190227 230923

Finished textures on the 3D (external and cockpit) models.

James walston screen 190227 230731