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R-37M Semi-Active Missile

As apart of my re-creation of my FAB bomb series, I decided that I wanted to incorporate some type of missile with them to go along with their Russian interest. I would like to present to you my WIP R-37M missile, a semi-active or active radar air-to-air missile. This model was created in the Blender 2.79 build. My first set of images are via the Cycles Render method and gray color. (as seen with the noise and color) (site. Wikipedia) The R-37 was developed from the R-33 (missile). For compatibility with aircraft that did not have the MiG-31's sophisticated radar, the semi-active seeker was replaced with a variant of the Agat 9B-1388 active seeker; mid-body strakes enhance lift and hence range, and folding tail controls allow semi-conformal carriage on planes that are not as big as the MiG-31.

James walston render 1
James walston render 2
James walston render 3

(Ignore the reversed tail fins underneath, this is an old render.)

James walston render 4
James walston render 5
James walston render 6