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V-1 Flying Bomb

After countless times, I kept on trying to find a way to soundly model this in Blender satisfying both of my worlds in time and detail. With that being said, a total of roughly a week and a half was spent on this model. With the model comes a subdivision of 3 on main areas and 2 on the details. Details are able to be hidden and disabled if chosen, and all other parts are separated. I attempted to use the texture paint method in Blender and as shown, it has worked fairly well. This is something new of the ordinary that I do, and I thought it would be nice to show it off in a state where I am able to consider it "complete." The model adds up to 1.1 million polys (including the minor details) and about 550-600K polys depending on the subdivision of 2 or 3 on the main parts.

James walston render 5
James walston render 6
James walston render 1
James walston render 2
James walston render 3
James walston render 4
James walston test render no3
James walston test render no8
James walston test render no9